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What We Do

Weisser Engineering & Surveying understands the need for accurate, precise, and detailed Civil Engineering and Land Surveying services for the Energy Industry. For half a century, our Land Surveying services have met and routinely exceeded those needs. From compact Plant Facility environments and highly congested Corridors to wide open Easements, WES endeavors to be the Team of choice on your projects. Whether that project involves Facilities, Pipeline Corridors, Power Transmission Corridors, or Port Infrastructure, we are always striving to set the standard by which Civil Engineering and Land Surveying services are measured. We know your project needs to reach the next level in order to remain competitive in the marketplace or to timely comply with the latest agency regulations. Let us help you get there the Weisser way!
  • Civil Engineering
    • Facility Engineering Design
    • Pipeline Design
    • Plant Expansion Projects
    • Conceptual Design
    • Project Management
  • Land Surveying
    • Well Site Staking
    • Boundary Surveying
    • Preliminary Pipeline Surveying
    • Construction Staking
    • Right-of-Way Surveying
    • Pipeline As-Built Surveying
    • Digital Scanning of Facilities and Pipelines
    • Ground Penetrating Radar Investigations
    • Pipeline Probing
    • Right-of-Way Acquisition Plats
    • As-Built Pipeline RPLS Certified Plats
    • Shape File Creation
    • Alignment Sheets
    • Acquisition Plat Drafting
    • As-Built Drawings
    • As-Built Reporting
  • Permitting Services
    • State, County, Municipal
    • Railroad
    • Building

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