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Weisser Engineering & Surveying (WES) was established as Weisser Engineering Company, Inc. in 1967 by one of Houston’s premier Engineers and Surveyors, Frederick C. Weisser, PE, RPLS, with the mission to provide exceptional engineering and surveying services in the Gulf Coast area. Our capabilities include general Civil Engineering, Land Development, Construction Management and all areas of Land Surveying, Mapping, Digital Scanning, and Global Positioning Systems (GPS). Since 1987, WES has been under the direction of Walter P. Sass and Barry T. Hufford, former employees of Mr. Weisser.

WES is comprised of loyal Team Members, dedicated to exceptional Surveying, Drafting, Engineering Design, Construction Management, and Permitting Services. Mr. Frederick C. Weisser instilled the philosophy that quality is key in every phase of each project. Today, Weisser Engineering & Surveying’s continued attention to detail and quality control is what sets our projects apart from our competitors. With over half a century of experience and many of our team members working with WES for over 15 years, WES has the knowledge, talent, skill, and experience to successfully complete our clients' projects in an efficient, timely, and cost-effective manner.


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